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23 May 2022

Me and my girlfriend had a great day with Paolo, he was verry helpful and we had some good laughs. He took us to some beautyfull places, and he put us on a good amount of fish when the fishing conditions where tough. I highly recommend Paolo as a guide you wil not be disappointed, looking forward to meet you again buddy.


13 August 2021

I had the great pleasure of being guided by Paolo for 2 days.  Beyond his expert advices which allowed me to progress and catch nice fish, I greatly appreciated his availability, his kindness, empathy. I highly recommend Paolo. Superior service. You will not be disappointed.


23 July 2021

I went fishing with Paolo for a day. It was a great experience. Paolo is very helpful and looking for the best way to get you a great day. I recommend him as a guide. If you want to have a nice day of flyfishing just ask for Paolo.


9 July 2021

Esperienza super Professionale, preparato, simpatico, empatico……. Non avrei potuto sperare di meglio!!!


22 June 2021
valentino pescolloni

Sabato 19 io e mia figlia siamo stati accompagnati a pesca sui laghi di cornisiello, ci siamo divertiti e catturato un bel po' di Salmerini ,trascorso veramente una bellissima giornata e Paolo è simpaticissimo e molto preparato, sicuramente la guida con cui mi sono trovato meglio. Un saluto anche da Giada


18 June 2021
Aad van der klugt

Paolo was for two days our guide. Hé is kind professional, helpfull and pro active. I got a lot of information and Beautiful fishing spots from him Thanks and we See eachother again.


3 October 2020

Merci à Paolo pour cette magnifique semaine sur la Sarca et ses lacs. Un guide de qualité qui s'adapte au niveau physique et technique de chacun. En résumé, un guide de grande compétence et très sympathique. À l'année prochaine.


14 September 2020

Magnifique séjour de pêche dans un cadre majestueux. Paolo est un guide de grande qualité, désireux de faire découvrir dans les meilleures conditions les sites de pêche mis en valeur par son association. Il est soucieux de proposer à chacun des secteurs de pêche adaptésàs à nos désirs mais aussi à notre niveau physique et technique.


11 September 2020

Paolo, encore merci pour cette belle semaine que nous avons passé à Massimeno. Pourtant dimanche lors de notre arrivée nous étions bien pessimiste. Ta gentillesse, ta disponibilité et tes compétences ont fait l'unanimité dans notre groupe. On se verra l'année prochaine, je ne sais pas s'il faut amener Marc il va encore vider toutes les rivières ( je plaisante) car je sais qu'il lira aussi mon commentaire.


19 August 2020

Paolo is really a gentle and professionnal guide. He is alway doing his best to bring you to the good fishing areas keeping in mind your level and your desires. He as a lot of patience and is only here to make you progress, catch fishs and have the best time possible.


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