Trentino fishing

Authorised points of sale

Buying permits: authorised points of sale To fish in Trentino you will need to purchase a guest fishing permit from any of the Associazioni Pescatori Dilettanti present throughout the area or from shops and businesses authorised by each Association in its own area. Guest fishing permits may only be purchased by fishermen holding a government licence valid for the territory of Italy. In 2012 amateur fishing tourist permits were introduced for anyone who does not hold a government licence. These are issued by fishing Associations and authorised shops and businesses. They are valid for up to 30 consecutive days (Art. 13 bis L.P. no. 18 dated 27/12/2011), and can be purchased once a year only. This modification also applies to individual catch and release permits, which can be purchased online.

Pasticceria Arcobaleno

38010 Grumo San Michele all'Adige Trento