RNk1 Riserva"Le Marinolde" Torrente Rabbies

No kill

Located near Stelvio National Park, the "Le Marinolde" reserve is populated by highly combative wildlife rainbow and brown trout. The reserve is about 2.5 km long and is divided into two sections. The lower section was closed to fishing from 1986 to 2015 (under a “reserve” management to ensure natural reproduction). The reserve is accessible only with advance booking and only to 2 anglers per day. The only technique permitted is with a fly-fishing rod with fly line, Valsesiana and Tenkara fly fishing and maximum two flies. Fishing with nymph and large terrestrials is the most suitable, whereas fishing with dry flies is preferable in the warm months or at night. In September, fishing sedges or emerging caddisfly imitations are preferable. The best months are April-May-June-September. In the waters of Val di Sole we find another No-kill fly fishing reserve (booking required) on the riverMeledrio (La Calcara 2.2 km) and a reserve with non-restricted access on the Vemiglianariver (in Fucine, 2 km), and two other "trophy" areas with fly fishing and spinning only on the river Noce in Cavizzana and Pellizzano. To find out more, visit the website: www.pescatorisolandri.com